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Video Production

We specialize in creating corporate videos, television commercials, wedding cinematography, legal videography, event videography, online videos, web development, format transfers, equipment rentals and event production. Pro Video Productions is your one stop destination for all your video production needs.

Pro Video Demo Reel

Pro Video Demo Reel
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Corporate Videography

With 30 years experience in video production, we know what it takes to bring your video from script to final edit. Pro Video's professional staff will work directly with you at each phase of your project. 


The members of our production team are as talented, knowledgeable and passionate as you will find. Our members have won a variety of awards for photography and production. While we are proud of our past achievements, we know that the only thing that really matters is what we can do to help your company succeed today.

Post - Production


  • Multi-camera shooting with live video mixing

  • Wireless lapel and handheld microphones

  • Professional lighting equipment

  • 30 years experience in a wide variety of location taping situations.

Our editors have won many awards for editing, animation and special effects. This is where we really bring your project to life. We really enjoy polishing up a project and making it flashy and cool. Still, we realize that the most important thing is properly getting your message across.


Wedding Videography

With any of our Pro Video wedding packages, you will receive classically stunning cinematography combined with the latest digital technology. The result is a wedding film that is both modern and timeless. We capture the emotions and details of the day, producing breathtaking imagery for you to enjoy time and time again. Our collections are custom designed to fit your needs. We offer you choice and convienience. Your wedding video tells the story of your event, while relaying the purity and definition of your special day. Our wedding cinematography captures the event's essence respectfully, unobtrusively, and completely. Let our passion be your keepsake forever.

At Pro Video, no wedding is more important than yours. You are the boss and our staff realizes that this is YOUR day!

We want you to have the opportunity to customize a package that is perfect for your needs. Contact us to create your own wedding package and we’ll provide a custom quote.

Highlight Video

A collection of moments throughout the day set to music; 10-15 minutes in length. A highlight video follows the day in a cinematic style. Capturing the best moments that will last a life time. 

Feature Video

A relatively longer video which guarantees a full length edited ceremony as well as edited reception toasts in their entirety; also includes expanded versions of important wedding events/moments that may or may not have made it into the highlight video

Wedding Highlight Video

Custom DVD's

Package Includes 3 printed DVDs or Blu-ray discs sealed in custom full color cases.

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Ceremony Only (Single Camera - $1,299)

1 camera/videographer for 2 hours before the ceremony starts until you leave the venue. Includes post-production editing work for a full video of the ceremony and an additional 3-5 minute highlight reel. You will receive 3 flash drives or digital downloads containing these files.


Full Day Coverage (Single Camera - $2,299)

1 camera/videographer for the full wedding day, which can include: both parties getting ready, having photos taken, ceremony, reception, and everything in between! Includes post-production editing work for a full video of the ceremony, reception and a 8-12 minute highlight reel. this package is for an 8 hour time frame. Each additional hour beyond that is $125/hr per camera. You will receive 3 flash drives or digital downloads containing these files.

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Ceremony Only (Two Cameras - $1,799)

This package contains everything listed under "Ceremony Only (Single Camera)" but will include an additional videogrpaher and be a multi-camera shoot. This allows us to capture much more material in general, as well as giving us multiple options in the editing process to make sure your video contains the best coverage, angles, and shots of your wedding day! 

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Full Day Coverage (Two Cameras - $2,299)

This package contains everything listed under "Full Day Coverage (Single Camera)" but will include an additional videographer and be a multi-camera shoot. This allows us to capture much more material in general, as well as giving us multiple options in the editing process to make sure your video contains the best coverage, angles, and shots of your wedding day! 


Event Videography

From family events to proms, and corporate presentations to dance recitals, Pro Video has captured it all. Whether you need a single camera following the action or multiple camera  angles capturing everything, Pro Video can help. Contact us now to get an experienced videography professional scheduled for your event.

Full Service Production

Live Performances


From churches to local businesses, we can provide a variety of production services. Our specialties include Video, Audio, Photography, Scripting, Creative Consults, and Coordination of our staff to meet your current and future needs. We can provide these services at an hourly basis, job specific quotes, or an ongoing contract. We have the staff and the flexibility to grow with you!

For over 30 years, we have been filming Dance Recitals, Spring Shows, Concerts, Competitions, Theater Productions, and many more! Our primary responsibility is to capture the performance with the utmost care and professionalism. With Multi-Cam setups, high quality audio, and years of experience, we can provide these services at a variety of price structures including no charge to you or your company!

We provide editing and graphic animation to fit your needs. Whether it's taking raw footage and creating a professional final video, or working with you to create a quality, high production value product at a fraction of the cost, we have the expertise and equipment to make your vision a reality.


Legal Videography

Pro Video has traveled far and wide to record audio and video for depositions and legal proceedings all over the midwest. Whatever you need from video editing to courtroom presentations let us help you with your next case.

Day in the life

Video recording testimony under oath is one of the top uses of video in legal proceedings today.  Although it has become a fairly common practice, many law firms are not aware that there is a fine line between what is and what is not impeachable video testimony during a legal case.  Many lawyers are not aware that even something so subtle as improper lighting or background can create a compelling argument to have the video rejected from use in a trial.  Furthermore, many are not aware that there are situations where it is beneficial to have a testimony taken via video rather than live even if the deponent is capable of attending the trial.

usually admitted into evidence during the testimony of a spouse or caregiver. It is intended to illustrate the struggles of the plaintiff in everyday life. The presentation typically does not include any pre-recorded commentary. It is narrated live from the witness stand. Because the material is shot with the intent of being shown to a jury, the unedited camera tapes are generally discoverable and must be shot with great care.

Commercial Videography

Commercial Videography

We believe in a joint passion for creating videos that would explain, engage and create love for your products and services. The scope of our work reaches out from just creating a video presentation to being a fully-engaged marketing strategic partner.

We don’t just deliver short videos that sell your products. We create stories about brands, connecting them with customers.

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Office: 600 1st Ave NW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52405


Pro Video is a Video Production Company based in Ceder Rapids, Iowa

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