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DVD/CD Duplication

Whether you need one DVD copy or one thousand, we can handle it. Our DVD duplication/replication center can create an unlimited number of copies of your discs with any type of packaging that you need. With affordable pricing and quick service, we offer the best DVD duplication services in the area. We can create any type of DVD that you need for your project. From full-color sleeves and materials to 4-case DVD cases, we can process your customized DVD order no matter the type.


Tapes to DVd/Flashdrive

Reel's to DVd/Flashdrive

Slides to DVd/Flashdrive


Standard DVD Master (120 min)

1 Source to 1 DVD=


Multiple Sources

Setup fee=

Cost per source=



Video Tape Digitize

VHS, VH-C, 8mm, Hi8, MiniDV



Phone / Tablet

DVD Master



Disc Digitization

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