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audio-tapes.jpgDo you have VHS tapes that you want transferred to DVD?

Those VHS tapes were not designed to last more then a few years without losing quality. In fact, they lose quality each time they are played back.  They will get darker and grainier over time.  You might want to consider preserving your family memories by converting all of those old VHS tapes to DVD.

Plus, no more rewinding old video tapes! With DVD, we create chapters for instant access to each area of your movies.  Put it on DVD so you can just throw it in your player and view your memories from the couch in your living room.

Tape to DVD Video


1 Source to 1 DVD

$20 per 2 hours per tape  

VHS, Hi8, 8mm cassette, mini DV 




Multi source to 1 DVD

$30 per DVD setup fee  


$3 per tape that fits on 1 DVD