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audio-tapes.jpgDo you have VHS home movies that you want transferred to a digital file?

We can convert VHS tapes to computer files that can be uploaded to social media sites like YouTube or Facebook, or viewed on your computer or mobile device

Those VHS tapes were not designed to last more then a few years without significant losses in quality.  The images will getting darker and grainier over time.   The sooner you transfer VHS to computer files the better. 

Also, with the changing technology you might not have a VHS system to play them on in the future.  Nearly everyone is purchasing DVD players, which are more durable and easier to make copies.

Plus, no more rewinding old video tapes! 

There's no reason to let those old family films continue to collect dust.

Just call or stop in, and our staff will be happy to give some guidance on what format might be best for you.

Tape Digitization

VHS, Hi8, 8mm cassette, mini DV to .avi, .mov, .mpg, .mp4 $30 per 2 hour video
  $25 per 1-1:59 hour video
  $20 per less than 1 hour video
External Hard Drive purchse     $110
Flash Drive Purchase $35 - 64GB
  $30 - 32GB
  $25 - 16GB
  $20 - 8GB