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Do you have tapes from an old camera that you want transferred to a DVD or computer file? Whether it's miniDV, Regular 8, Hi-8, Digital-8, Betamax, or any other outdated technology, we can help you get those precious memories converted to a modern format. They will be easier to store, easier to watch, and easier to keep safe.  Those old tapes were not designed to last more then a few years without losing quality. So, we recommend having all of those old tapes full of priceless family memories transferred to DVD or computer file.

Just stop in or call. You may want to get DVD copies made for family and friends to enjoy, too!


Standard DVD Master (120 min)

  1 Source to 1 DVD    $20
                                                                                                                                                        HD or Betamax source add   $10
  Multiple Sources    
  Setup fee   $30
  Cost per Source   $3
  Authoring + $30
  Bulk Master Discounts                                    5-10 Discs - 5%
                                                                        11-15 Discs - 10%
                                                                        16-20 Discs - 15%