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film-header.jpgFilm Transfer

Preserve your irreplaceable home movies by transferring them to DVD!

When necessary, your film is cleaned, lubricated and put onto 400 foot reels before transferring to DVD.

Only $0.14/foot!

Regular 8mm, Super 8mm, 16mm...our aerial transfer method
is top-of-the-line and provides a high-quality picture that will beat other companies' methods.

Pro Video has transferred millions of feet of film to customers all over the United States for the last 30 years. Instead of pulling out your old projector, let us put it on DVD. You can just pop it in your player and view your memories from the couch in your living room.

A DVD can hold up to two hours of high-quality video. Two hours of film can consist of multiple sized reels and different types of film. If you have any other questions feel free to give us a call or send an email.

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film-transfer.jpgThe Transfer Process:

By marking a number on each reel with a marker, we will catalog and organize your film by arranging it in the order that you provide. If you don't choose the order you want your reels, we'll try to arrange them by date if labels are provided.



Though some film can benefit from cleaning, it may actually do more harm to your film. When cleaning is necessary, we use special static-free cleaning solutions and clean your film before the transfer process.


If you provide film on film reels smaller than 200 feet, we will splice those reels onto 400 foot reels - this process helps both in the cleaning process and time-spanning of your film. If you have bad film, blank film, or extremely under/over exposed film, it is removed before the transfer in order to give you a consistant picture - there's no use in transfering 1 or 2 minutes of black or white video.

We then mount the reels on our special Elmo 8mm/Super8mm projectors. These modified projectors produce a non-flicker image by using a multi-face optical glass prism which synchronizes standard 18 or 24 frames per second movie film speed to 30 frames per second of video. This process eliminates the shutter bar or flutter-effect associated with using a video camera to record the film projection. The image from the Elmo projector is focused directly on the lens of the Video camera using a special aerial imaging system.

By processing your film directly to the format of your choice (VHS, DVD, CD, Mini-DV, etc...), we prevent generation loss, giving you the highest possible quality. 

film-process.jpgHow to Order


Arrange your reels in the order you want them to be viewed. Chronologically is the typical way most of our customers arrange their film. Number each reel with a marker or on a sticky-note so we can process them in your desired order.


Fill out our Order Form to begin the ordering process. You may include payment information if you like, or we will contact you once the order is received to obtain your payment information. You can also download the order form here.


Bring in or ship your film to our Cedar Rapids, IA studio. Most of our customers use UPS or FedEx, however you may use any shipper of your choice. 

Once we receive your order, we will contact you with an estimate of the cost to process the order. After the order is complete, we will process your payment and ship all received materials back to you. We know how valuable film of your family is, and we appreciate you trusting us with your memories. We know how to take care of your materials and get them back to you safe and sound.