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FAQ's - Following are answers to some of the most common questions we get called about.

1.  Do you transfer 8mm/16mm projector film.

Yes we do, the cost is $0.14/foot of film plus $25 for each DVD master that can hold up to 1600 feet of film.  Extra copies start at $9/DVD and are discounted for volume.  If you like we can place the film footage as AVI or MOV files on a supplied hard drive for a $35 charge.

2.  Do you transfer videotapes onto DVD?

Yes, we transfer all kinds of videotape formats onto DVD.  VHS, VHS-C, Regular 8mm, Hi-8mm, Digital 8mm, Mini DV, Betamax, 1 inch, 2 inch, Betacam SP are some of the formats we have come thru our facility.  

3.  Can you transfer video from hard drive cameras onto DVD?

Yes, we place your camera footage on DVD for $20/2 hour DVD for standard definition video and $30/2 hour DVD for high definition video.

4.  Do you scan slides and photos?

Yes we do, please call for pricing as it is based on volume of slides or photos.