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film-header.jpgConvert 16mm Film

You can convert 16mm film to DVD.  Forget about getting out the film projector with bulky reels, and then trying to locate that one event somewhere within the Super 8mm reel.

There is a service that offers 16mm film conversion that is  quick, painless, and inexpensive!

Pro Video has transferred millions of feet of film to customers all over the United States for the last 30 years. Take advantage of DVD technology and let us convert 16mm film.

Then you will be able to pop in the DVD and view your memories on your TV or High Definition TV.  Pro Video converts 16mm film to DVD.   Using an aerial transfer method it is top-of-the-line and provides a high-quality picture that is second to none.

The Process

All film is cleaned, lubricated, and put on 400 foot reels before being transferred to DVD. This cleaning removes brittleness, dirt, and dust from old films. Your Super 8 reels can be electronically adjusted to your film's color and clarity so faded or discolored film looks more natural.

We also splice the 16mm film and both clean it in the process.  We remove any under/over exposed film or black or white parts of the 16mm film so you don't have wasted footage.

We then mount the reels on our special projectors. These modified projectors produce a non-flicker image by using a multi-face optical glass prism which synchronizes standard 18 or 24 frames per second movie film speed to 30 frames per second of video. This process eliminates the shutter bar or flutter-effect associated with using a video camera to record the film projection. The image from the Elmo projector is focused directly on the lens of the Video camera using a special aerial imaging system.

Amazing Quality

You will be amazed by the quality of some of the older 16mm films that can be restored.  Many old film reels have a lot of spots and blemishes.  With converting 16mm film you will have these problems solved.   With DVD Technology you can now use it in your favor!   A DVD can hold up to two hours of high-quality video.  Plus, no more changing reels to try and find what event you are looking for. You will have your own chapters and menus to for easy access to any part of the film.

We have been in business for over 30 years and offer top quality and the lowest prices you will find.

Now is the time to have this service done so you will be able to play your movies on either computer or DVD and watch your long-ago relatives once again.  There's no reason to let those old family films continue to collect dust.

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